Monday, March 31, 2008


Hey guys,
I think that as we expand, we will come across players who seem to be a good addition to the clan, but end up being total noobs or douche bags. Therefore, I think that we should come up with a system of banning a member. To do this, I think what we should do is have a vote to ban him. Currently we have around 8 active players, which is excluding Paul, Dragon, and Platapus, who rarely play. Therefore, I believe that banning a player should require a 3/4 vote, or about 6 votes, right now. To call a vote, I think that there should first be a vote to open up a vote to ban the player, so that people are not randomly trying to ban people. This should require a 1/2 vote. Write a new post if you have any contributions, but I think this is how we should ban people if we must.

1 comment:

BijanTheMan said...

K, sounds good chris. I'll call forth a ban to platapus and dragon since they never play.